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Mission Calls - 2017

Caleb has been called to Macon, Georgia

Max has been called to Osorno, Chile

Crosby Missionaries - 6 July 2012

Matt and Amy's son

Elder Riley Crosby

Iowa DesMoines Mission

8515 Douglas Ave Suite 19

Urbandale IA 50322

Gerry & Michelle's son 

Elder Joshua Skousen


Buenos Aires West Mission

Gerry & Michelle's daughter

Sister Nicole Skousen
Richmond Virginia Mission

Jimmy and Shannon's son

Elder George Crosby

Independance Missouri - Spanish Speaking


Summer 2004 - Crosby's participating in Greer Days


Shirley Video
Here's a short video tribute to Shirley Crosby:

Four part news feature:

CrosbyClan welcomes the newest generation of descendants of George & Florence Crosby

Click on the home page individual family albums to see more photo updates of the newest generation in each family branch plus their proud parents and grandparents !

1) Harris & Carma's great grandchildren -

In this May 2010 photo - Newborn Kiley is being held by her great grandmother who has also welcomed twins in 2004, four great granddaughters in 2008 and most recently, four great grandchildren in 2010.

3 month old Charlie & 5 month old Kiley with great grandmother Oct.17, 2010

2) Roy & Shirley's great grandchildren -  

Fun with great Grandpa Roy !
Some of Roy's great grandchildren gather round him to celebrate his birthday !

Description: Crosby-Curt-Korlene
Curt & Korlene's entire family (taken before Ty left on his mission)
See 4 grandchildren, Kase, Marika, Corbin, & Brooklyn in this photo
Since photo 2 grandchildren born in 2010 -
Trevor & Katelyn's son Carson, and Shayla & Tyler’s son, Boston

Curt & Korlene's newest grandchhild is Allyssa Mae Crosby born 28 Jan 2011- held here by her father Joshua

Barry & Kelli’s daughter Sandi & the 3 Lyman children with great Grandpa Roy

Sandi & Denim's children: Ava, Crosby, & Brooklyn

Mallory & Mark's, Claire, born in 2009 is the youngest of Barry & Kelli's five grandchhildren

Chet and Mara's family with great Grandpa Roy
Their Mabel Koren (Nov 2010) is the youngest of Mark & Koren's grandchildren

2010 photo of Mark & Koren's grandchildren


3) Parker & Dolly's great grandchildren

Having fun with great grandmother !
Dolly with 6 of her great grandchildren in Halloween costumes gathered around her.

Craig & Vickie’s grandchildren –

Craig & Vickie’s son CJ with his 4 children

Craig & Vickie’s daughter, Adrian and her 3 girls

Matt & Amy’s first grandchild -

Lauren & Richard’s son, Maxwell Scott, born Oct 2010 is
Dolly’s youngest great grandchild

This photo shows off four more of Parker & Dolly’s great grandchildren 

4) Linda & Bob's  great grandchildren

Kris is holding 2 of her 4 grandchildren– Greyson (8 mos) and Payton (age 2)


Elder Ty Crosby
Missao Brazil Sao Paulo Interlagos
Rua Euzebio de Souza, 121
Jardin Londrina - Sao Paulo - S.P.
CEP: 05638-100

Sister Laura Crosby
Canada Toronto East Mission
24 Ferrand Dr. Suite 300
Don Mill, ON M3C 3V4

Linda & Bob's Kyle was killed in an auto accident Tues Jan 5 not far from their home in Krum Texas.
A graveside service was held at the Eagar Arizona Cemetery on Monday January 11th.
Vinson, Brian, Kris, and Kevin all participated in the graveside service for Kyle.
A memorial service was held on January 16th at Krum High School fine arts building.

The high school band (that Kyle had played trumpet in) played a special number at the memorial.

Roy, Jim, Sylvia & Linda send you our love and our Christmas greetings!
We are thankful that we have CrosbyClan website so we can at least have your photos and that way we can see more of you all and thus keep better connected. We are hoping you will also add news - like Craig & Vickie will be putting up an announcement of their newest granddaughter born to C J and Angela.

We are thankful that our family can use Crosbyclan to learn more about our ancestors. Please click on Lorenzo & Mollie to access an album about Lorenzo's mother's parents, Lorenzo and Frances Crosby Brown. Lorenzo Brown was an exceptional journal keeper and his journal writings have been down loaded into his CrosbyClan album. Among other things - now you can read where he gives an account of - the Prophet Joseph Smith being in his parents home (pg.1) Lorenzo and Frances being married by Joseph Smith (pg.3) Being at a conference with the prophet (pg. 173) It's good to know that our ancestor knew the prophet and wrote in his journal about him. See for yourself - pg. 201, 212, 222, 224, 225, 230, 232, 235, 241, 258.

We wish you all good health and much happiness in the new year !!

A big thank you to Linda and Bob for getting the contact list put together for all the Crosby clan. Note: Continue to get any phone, address, or email address changes to Linda & Bob via updates on our homepage.

Roy, Jim & Sylvia surprised Linda by going to Texas for her birthday, March 22nd.
Actually, it was both a birthday celebration with Linda and a family history event/ brothers & sisters reunion because, although we keep in touch, it is rare for us all to be together and it has never happened in Texas before.
We had a good "mini reunion time" with Linda & Bob & Kyle plus Brian & Marla and 3 of their 4 children and Jason & Tiesha & their 6 children. Kevin lives in the area but we missed getting to see him.

Texas has a part in our family history.
On the 5 hour flight Roy & I had to Dallas, I was reading from the journal writings of mother/'s grandmother, Catherine Ellen Camp Greer. She wrote of being married in Salt Lake in November 1855 and her husband being called that winter to go on a mission in the spring so we started June 13, 1856 for his mission field in Texas ...We got into Texas on the first day of October. She describes driving horses and cattle and encountering buffalo and Indians on the three and a half month long horseback trip.
One hundred years later, James Greer Crosby (Jim) served a mission in Texas .
More recently Roy & Marjorie Crosby served a mission in Texas as well as CJ Crosby ( Craig & Vickie/'s son.)

Dolly's birthday in Dec. 2008 was a special occasion with her four children present! Georganna & family came from Texas and Matt's family came from Arizona to join with Craig's family and Catherine's family in Utah for the celebration.

Most Recent Marriages
Curt and Korlene Crosby had two children married recently:
Trevor Crosby and Katelyn Rodeback were married 13 Feb 2009 and made their home in Heber, Utah.
Maria Crosby and Marcus Pace were married 14 March 2009 and made their home in Provo, Utah.
Kris Dutton's daughter, Brittni, and Mike Zelm were married 18 April 2009 and make their home in Placentia California.

Our love and best wishes to Carma who celebrated her 82nd birthday today, May 18th !! Photo is the most recent available (Dec 08) of Carma with her three children Scott, Laree, and Russell.
Family Members Serving In The Military
Georganna & Mike's son, Tanner, is home from Iraq and is stationed in the U.S.

Craig & Vickie's son, Bryce, was part of the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit that joined with the Navy Peleliu Strike Group in support of the war on terrorism. Ask Craig or Vickie for current assignment & contact info.

Kris Dutton's son, Nicholas, joined the Marines in Sept and recently completed boot camp at MCRD in San Diego. Nicholas is on leave to attend his dad's funeral in Mesa.


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